Enjoy this free Baby Yoga Adventures taster to the Noisy Farm!

This 15 minute class will guide you through a series of postpartum-friendly Yoga and Pilates exercises, interactive parent-baby yoga postures, gentle stretches, and guided breathing to leave you feeling relaxed and confident, alongside sensory games and incredible activities to support your baby’s early development.

Suitable for babies from 3 months up to crawling.

Please note: To enjoy this class safely, your baby must be able to hold their head up confidently without your support. It is important to look after yourself too, and extra care should be taken during the first 6 months following childbirth. For this reason, we recommend that you do not attempt this class until your baby is at least 3 months old.

Baby Skills Spotlight

  • Reaching & Grasping

  • Rolling & Crawling

  • Social Cues & Turn Taking

  • Understanding Cause & Effect

  • Weight Bearing & Balance

For this video you will need...

you can find some of these in your sensory box

  • Cushion, block or folded blanket

  • Non-slip Exercise Mat

* Tips *

Yes or no, baby?

Follow your babies “yes-no” cues to make sure they’re happy. Yes-cues might include giggling, jigging their arms and legs, or becoming very still and focused. No-cues might include avoiding your eye contact, squirming and wriggling away, or crying.

Feel free to adapt the activities to suit, pause the video, or even skip parts altogether.

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