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Adventure into the Mountains! Go camping, fly up high with the eagles, and take on the mighty mountain peaks.

Fun and flowing, this class is contains dynamic activities and more challenging exercises designed to build your strength, stamina, and flexibility, whilst continuing to support you on your postpartum journey. Suitable for beginners, with lots of silly noises, sensory play, and movement for baby too!

Practising Safely

This class may be enjoyed by both older and younger babies alike, however, please be aware that in order to enjoy the more dynamic activities in this class safely, your baby must have well developed head-and-neck control. It is important to look after yourself too, and extra care should be taken during the first 6 months following birth. For this reason, we recommend that you do not attempt this class until your baby is a minimum age of 6 months old.

Please note that Baby Yoga Adventures is intended for use by healthy individuals with healthy babies, and should never be used as a substitute for medical advise. If you have any concerns about the suitability of the exercises or activities shown in these videos, please seek guidance from your health care provider.

Baby Skills Spotlight

  • Flying & Acrobatics

  • Reaching & Grasping

  • Rolling & Crawling

  • Supported Sitting

  • Trust & Attachment

For this video you will need...

you can find some of these in your sensory box

  • Non-slip Exercise Mat

  • Pine Cone

  • Snow Ball on a string

* Tips *

Mix it up

Rather than lying your baby down on their back every time, try mixing it up by putting them down on their tummy instead. Once your baby can sit up confidently, you might also let them sit unsupported on your mat. Try it out and see what they prefer.

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