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Adventure under the Blue Ocean! Play peekaboo with the lovely mermaids, blow bubbles with the fishies, and be tickled by the silly seaweed.

Going at a slow and steady pace, this class is designed to help ease you back into exercise following early postpartum recovery. With gentle strengthening and simple stretches, it’s perfect for beginners, with lots of silly noises, sensory play, and movement for baby too!

Practising Safely

This class is suitable for babies with less developed head-and-neck strength, and may be enjoyed by both older and younger babies alike. However, please be aware that in order to enjoy this class safely, your baby must be able to hold their head up without your support. It is important to look after yourself too, especially during early postpartum recovery. We therefore recommend that you do not attempt this class until your baby is at least 3 months old.

Please note that Baby Yoga Adventures is intended for use by healthy individuals with healthy babies, and should never be used as a substitute for medical advise. If you have any concerns about the suitability of the exercises or activities shown in these videos, please seek guidance from your health care provider.

Baby Skills Spotlight

  • Body Awareness

  • Learning Object Permanence

  • Spatial Awareness

  • Visual Object Tracking

  • Weight Bearing & Balance

For this video you will need...

you can find some of these in your sensory box

  • Blowing Bubbles

  • Blue Scarf

  • Cushion or folded blanket

  • Non-slip Exercise Mat

* Tips *

Go with the flow

Every day is different, especially with a baby, so when it comes to yoga time try to let go of expectations, be in the moment, and listen to what your baby wants- even if that sometimes means doing no yoga at all!

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