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Postpartum-friendly exercises to help you feel relaxed, confident & strong

Teach them to fly

Amazing activities & sensory games to support early development

Laugh & have fun!

Look after your wellbeing while playing with your baby

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“What a great way to bond with your baby while trying something new! You won’t be disappointed!”

Rebecca, mum to Freya, aged 4 months

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“This is an amazing product, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

Grace, mum to Freya, aged 7 months

Great for you & great for baby!

  • Feel more present, calm & connected
  • Improved sleep (for both of you!)
  • Build trust & support bonding
  • Relieve stress & tension from tight neck and shoulders
  • Gently strengthen and tone your core
  • Look after your back – super important with all the lifting and carrying a new baby brings
  • Support your baby’s physical, social, and cognitive development
  • Laugh & have fun together!

“Roo’s teaching style is fab. She is gentle but confident, light hearted, inclusive to different abilities and emphasises looking after your body.  We have had a lot of fun during the classes!”

Phoebe, mum to Mila, aged 10 months

Meet the teacher

Baby Yoga Adventures are brought to you by experienced Yoga and Pilates teacher Roo Lloyd-Frith, as seen on the BBC documentary Life and Birth, featuring baby Seb!

“As a primary school teacher and an English lead and now a new mummy I LOVE your links to story telling and imagination within your yoga sessions!”

Kim, mum to Toby, aged 7 1/2 months

Images from the Classes

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